The College Dropout

Is it even possible for fan mail not to come off as pleading and trite? I’m not so sure, but I’ll try in my letter to Kanye West. 

Dear Kanye, Yezzy, Yeezus, Mr. West?

Between the Yeezus tour, upcoming apparel line and your new family, you’re a busy fellow. So I won’t go into detail about being a huge fan and how I continually dissect, analyze and  discuss your music and public antics. So is everyone else,  so does everyone else (even the haters).

What I really want to talk about is Mexican food; more specifically Tex-Mex. When you were in Dallas a few weeks ago, you set the local Twitter ablaze with your trip to Mi-Cocina in Highland Park Village. On a personal note, I took a girl there for my first real date. It was thoroughly awkward of course but at least we had a good meal.  Oh and I saw Steven Tyler there once. Hopefully you ordered some tortilla soup, maybe fajitas. Best Tex-Mex around in my opinion, that’s if you’re willing to spend $15+ on essentially beans and rice.

Now down to business. I have a few pressing questions that will help the world finally understand who Kanye West really is:

  • Corn or flour tortillas?
  • Red or green salsa?
  • Black or pinto beans?
  • Salted or un-salted Margarita?

I personally believe that answering these four questions truthfully will lead an individual to personal fulfillment and self-actualization. Don’t worry, there are no right or wrong answers here, only degrees of narcissism .  I made it easy for ya to answer on my survey here:

I eagerly await your reply.

– Hayden

P.S. Sorry I missed the concert man. It was icy as fuck outside and about $25 out of  my price range.

Yeah it was really cold that day.
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