Pony Up

Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown is looking for his signature victory tonight as the SMU Mustangs play the 17th ranked UCONN Huskies. 

Dear Coach Brown,

How are you liking Dallas so far? Are the comforts of Highland Park to your liking?

I’ll be honest Coach. It still surprises me that you are the head basketball coach at SMU. Even considering your history of walking into hopeless situations (which SMU basketball certainly qualified) it’s still pretty unbelievable. In some  perverse way I guess its not as daunting when the only direction to go is up. But you are here and well on your way to turning SMU basketball into something respectable.  Halfway through your second season as head basketball coach the team is relevant and exciting with some big-time recruits on the way (Emmanuel Mudiay is a BEAST). Obviously a win tonight would be a signature victory for the program and would quiet some of the haters who said hiring you was a desperate PR move.

Having grown up in Dallas I have some sense of pride for SMU Athletics. Plenty of my friends went to SMU and I’ve been to a handful of basketball and football games. I can whistle the SMU fight song. I even went to SMU summer basketball camp back when Mike Dement (who?)  was the head coach. By the way, can I go to basketball camp this summer? I’m only 6.5 years out of high school but I think there is some good ball left in these legs.

So as a basketball fan living in and from Dallas, thank for pursuing the job.  And good luck tonight. I’ll be there if I can find a ticket since the game is sold out (when was the last time an SMU basketball game sold out?).

PS:  Have you thought about coaching high school basketball? It’s the only championship you haven’t won yet… Just a thought.

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