Texas Forever

Dear Governor Rick Perry,

Texas is doing pretty awesome these days. Thanks to a strong economy and low cost of living, people are moving here at an unprecedented rate. You’ve been quick to take the credit and even parlayed this into a run at President. Does it scare you that over the last year an average of 1,060 people move to Texas everyday? If it doesn’t, it should.

Texas has traditionally been the bastion of conservatism for the red states, something that has helped you hold onto the governorship  for an unprecedented 12 years. Luckily, most states are more liberal and forward thinking than Texas.  And as more people pack their bags and head for Texas, whether it be from other states or from across the border, that deep dark red Texan’s have known for decades is started to turn, dare I say, purple. As a Texas Democrat I’m pretty darn proud of this and I’m excited to see our state diversify. I almost want to thank you but I honestly don’t think you had much to do with it. And since we’re being completely honest with each other, lets take a second to acknowledge the natural gas industry. I’m as wary of fracking as the next Patagonia wearing cycling enthusiast yet even I can admit that natural gas kept Texas afloat during the recession and beyond.

And about fracking. I am concerned. I don’t know if its the unprecedented number of earthquakes recently or that we could be poisoning the water-table (truly our most precious resource). Sure, the short term gains are undeniable but isn’t it the government’s job to take a holistic, long term approach to growth and policy?  Gas today for water tomorrow. I guess its true what they say: There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

So cheers to the strong Texas economy and the color purple. (Sorry if the purple make you uncomfortable. It probably does in more ways than one…)

And since you are finally retiring I had some fun in Photoshop and made you a little going away present! Its the thought that counts…

Hick Perry copy

I think this a good look for you.

I think this a good look for you.

Rick Scary copy

Sincerely, Hayden B

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One thought on “Texas Forever

  1. Katrina S. says:

    haha this is an excellent, well thought out, and clever letter to Hick Perry! Props!

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