Sign me up Stan

Dear Mr Richards,

I wrote you a Haiku.

Thousands every day

Who to cut through the clutter

Sign me up Stan

I’m not asking for a job, well not exactly. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t love to work at The Richard Group. But I tried that this summer and it didn’t happen for me. So its goes.

What I want to discuss is independence, possibly the most American ideal. As the head-honcho at the world’s largest independent advertising agency, I think its safe to guess that you think the conglomeration of the ad industry is total crap. You’ve said time and time again that your agency is not for sale (everyone wants what they can’t have, right?). I mean do antitrust laws mean anything anymore?

At your level of the game, have these recent mergers of humongous media corporations affected your business? If I were a client, I’d feel better about giving my money to an independent rather than a shop owned by Omnicom or Interpublic. I believe we vote with our dollars and it matters where one spends their money. For me, that goes as far as supporting a brand because of their creative agency.

I know you’re a busy guy, so I’ll wrap this up. I just want to say I support your work, your dedication to independence, and I’m glad you have accomplished all you have in our fair city of Dallas.


Hayden Bernstein


Thanks for your letter-a-day note. The reason this agency is not for sale is 
simple. I’ve watched a hundred agencies be acquired and not one has ever
gotten better. It always goes the other way. It’s all about economics and 
the financial burden carried by the acquired agency. Besides, I love what I 
do and I would love it a lot less if I were doing it for Mr. Omnicom.
The mega merger of a couple of months ago has had no effect on us and
I doubt it ever will.
StanSent from my iPad
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