From Downtown

Hey Dude Perfect d00ds,

Congrats on the Reunion Tower shot! As a Dallas native this one made me particularly excited.

They say patience is a virtue. I was never sure who “they” are, but in the case of Dude Perfect I can say ya’ll must be some very virtuous fellows. I can’t even imagine how many tries it must take to accomplish some of your shots. But as they say (again) , if it was easy everyone would do it. So I’ve always wondered…

Is there one shot in particular that took the most tries? What about one that happened surprisingly fast or even on the first try?

Like most of the letters ya’ll receive, I have some ideas for new and awesome shots to be made.

  • Six Flags Over Texas: The possibilities are endless here. From the crest of the Titan? From the top of the parachutes? Maybe while upside down on the double loops of the Shockwave?

  • JFK Assassination Shot: This one is a little dark. Snipe a shot from the 6th floor of the School Book Depository to a basket driving down Elm St. Maybe take a shot from the grassy knoll for good measure. This would have been perfect during all the 50th anniversary stuff a few months ago, but it comes around every year.

  • The Dude + Dude Perfect: A Big Lebowski themed video. You guys and Jeff Bridges playing impromptu pick-up basketball games throughout Los Angeles. The icing on the cake would be making a shot from the cliff where they scattered Donnie’s ashes.

  • State Fair of Texas: From the top of the Ferris Wheel, possibly while moving . Maybe toss one over Big Tex.

 You mention a sports network that ya’ll will be creating with The Whistle. Sounds sweet. Despite how much SportsCenter I watch, I believe that someone, somehow needs to give ESPN some competition. Holla if a writer is needed.

Take it easy Dudes,


PS: Ever consider Titus Ashby for the crew?

PPS: I freeeaaakin’ love the Pick-Up Basketball Stereotypes skit. I’m totally the “my bad” dude.

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