Blues Beef

Dear Dan Auerbach

September 25, 2009- SOMA San Diego, CA

I was there man. This show still stands as the most incredible/face-melting/loudest musical experience I have ever attended. It was just before The Black Keys reached “stadium status”, which I’m not trashing by the way. I’m glad ya’lls music is loved by enough people to fill a basketball arena. The blues is America’s purest form of folk music and a timeless genre that needed a jolt.

Being the fan-boy that I am, I spread your music far and wide. By now, everyone knows The Black Keys so I’m no longer needed there. But for the last year or so, I’ve been touting all the production you’ve been behind. Lucky, I’m not the only person who noticed.  A trained eye can find your influence in each album you helped produce yet you never overshadow the artist.

My list of your favorite productions:

  1. JEFF the Brotherhood- Hypnotic Nights (These dudes are RAW)

  2. Dr. John- Locked Down (Helped a living legend create his best album in 2o years)

  3. Jessica Lea Mayfield- Tell Me (An album that I just discovered and didn’t even realize you had a hand in! She opened for the Keys in the aforementioned show and still I didn’t put it together.)

  4. Michael Kiwanuka- Home Again (easy listening)

  5. Bombino- Nomad (Returning blues back to the Motherland)

  6. Hacienda- Shakedown (San Antonio STAND UP!)

  7. The Growlers- Hung at Heart (Lo-Fi Psych)

I could keep going but enough flattery for now. I want to know about the beef that Jack White started this year. He thinks he’s the only (white) guy who can lead a two-piece blues band? I think a diss track is in order. You have ties to the hip-hop community and beef is their specialty. I’m thinking Juicy J and Raekwon with RZA on the boards. You close out the track with a raging guitar solo to put the final nail in the coffin. Just a thought.


Hayden P

PS: I was at this show too (by accident actually).

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