Hello Beau, whaddaya know?

If you’ve ever played Ultimate, you have probably heard of Beau Kittredge and seen this video. Did you know he writes children’s books and short-stories as well? 

Hello Beau,

My personal project is to write a letter a day this year as a way to maintain and improve any writing ability I may posses. Today my letter is for you Beau.

First off, congrats on the Natty! I was there rooting for Revolver and my friend/former teammate Tim Gilligan.

Though I no longer play Ultimate competitively, it’s a sport and a community that I hold near and dear. My standard line is that playing Ultimate for SDSU was the best decision I made during college. I could go on for days about the camaraderie, sportsmanship, and physical dedication in Ultimate but you’ve already done it so well your SKYD article.

I just read your short-story Cheerios. Your character(s) is stuck in this sorrowful dream-like loop of regret, unable to live down a devastating tragedy. A deal is struck with the devil (?) to bring the lovers together though it comes at a price as any deal with him does. It’s their love for each other that causes the “curse” to work but the same love sentences them to continually repeat this nightmare. In a bittersweet way, it means their love for each other is eternal. Can the protagonist break out of this loop and move on? Will he ever stop loving her, thus breaking the curse and the loop? For some, time can heal the wounds of such personal tragedy. For others, the scars will always hold them captive.

I dig it man. Well I hope writing works out for you as well as the pro-Ultimate gig.

Thanks for the read and I’d really appreciate a response for the blog.

PS. The dude you jumped over, Runner, is a good friend of mine. In his defense, he was the help D because you had already burned Chik. I wanted that on record somewhere.


thanks mailman, cool idea. checked out your website, good stuff. As a fellow writer it’s great to see you putting your self out there. Hope all is well and that you make it the entire year. Cheers. 

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