Basketball Diplomacy

Dear Dennis Rodman,

As a traveler, I have a lot of faith in humanity. In my experience traveling to non-western wayward destinations, I’ve found, to no surprise, that people are just people wherever you go. That the majority of people are friendly and good despite what their government’s stance is towards America. That being said, I’ve obviously never been to North Korea (but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go).

People are giving you all kinds of hell for not discussing the sticky, hairy, and outright blatant humanitarian crises in North Korea with your proclaimed friend Kim Jong Un. How you didn’t petition the boy king to release the American political prisoner Kenneth Bae or ask him to feed his damn people. Yes, those are real issues. Yes, the regime in North Korea is ass-backwards. And maybe they’re right for blasting you, but I will say I believe more good than harm has come from your “basketball diplomacy” trips. There is something simple and pure found in sports that the media is failing to grasp. And aside from your insatiable desire for media attention, I think your heart is in the right place.

That was a pretty awesome Hulk Hogan impression you did on CNN (that’s what you were doing right?).

You really hit your stride around 1:20.

And for comparison’s sake.

I can’t wait for your next trip to North Korea. It seriously gets better every time. Thank you.

PS: You might want to work on your singing voice.

PPS: If it turns out you are a spy (for either side), I’d REALLY be impressed.

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