Señor Panchos

Dear Señor Panchos,

Baby, I miss you.

Nothing, NOTHING, quite satisfies my late-night cravings like your Cali Burrito once did. You certainly weren’t the first to put french fries inside the burrito but few do it as well.  My love for you extends beyond just the burrito, Señor; it is the entire experience I miss. The eerie glow of your orange neon lights, the scenic drunk people anxiously waiting for the number to be called, the sorority girls still wet from the foam party across the street.

But in the end, it all comes back to the burrito and that perfect balance of Carne asada, french fries, guac, sour cream and cheese.

Texas is more of a taco state and lacks in the burrito department. So I have a favor to ask… Scratch my itch and mail me a Cali-burrito with a few extra salsas please. I always thought your burrito’s were better on the next morning reheat anyways. $4.75 + shipping so lets call it an even $10. Do you accept Paypal? Thanks.

PS: Adriana: if you still work there, I miss you too 😉

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