Martin Luther King III- The King of Bounce (TV)

Dear Martin Luther King III,

Hello good sir. I hope this letter finds you in good spirits as our nation remembers the achievements of your father.

Though great as it is, my letter today is not to discuss your father’s legacy. I want to discuss one of your endeavours that caught my eye recently: Bounce TV. After following a few Wikipedia links, I came upon this network that you co-founded and was surprised I’d never heard of it, though I guess I am a bit outside your target demographic of 35+ year old African American viewers.

It makes sense that you’ve chosen to explore this segment of the television audience. BET shouldn’t be the only African American focused and owned network on cable television. To that end, I think there is a major gap in African American focused radio stations. I don’t expect that many middle-aged African Americans are listening to Trey Songz on The Beat, but I could be wrong. There are oldies/classic rock stations in every market, so why isn’t there a funk/R&B/old school rap station for the same age group of African Americans? The only one I know of is KDay in Los Angeles (maybe my favorite radio station ever).

But back to Bounce TV. When choosing the name “bounce” did you consider the association many people might make with the popular niche hip-hop genre? Personally, I’m a fan of the Bounce music and think a partnership should be considered: Big Freedia, the proclaimed queen of bounce music, as the spokesperson and host of the network. She (well…. that’s a matter of perspective) has her own show on Fuse and has been featured on CNN for breaking the world record for most people Twerking. Again, maybe a bit outside your demographic but you tee’d this one up with your network’s name.

Well happy MLK Day. I have to work unfortunately.

PS: One more suggestion for the network. This needs to be the theme song:

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