Laura Miller’s Legacy

Dear Mrs. Laura Miller,

When you were mayor of Dallas, I was in the throes of adolescence and few years too young to care about what the Mayor was doing. Then I moved to California for college and to Austin for some more college. Now 6 years later, I’m back where it all began here in Dallas. The city has become more diverse, more urban and even more liberal. Looking back with perspective our side, I believe that many of the best things happening in Dallas (and those still to come) stem from battles you fought.

A close friend of mine lives in the Mercantile building downtown. You fought to revitalize this building as the keystone project for a downtown revitalization. Now the area is vibrant with young professionals and a destination for the city. As downtown continues to develop, there is the question of what to do with the decaying IH 345. A fellow named Patrick Kennedy has the bright idea to tear the sucker down and reunite downtown with Old East Dallas, potentially spurring billions in investment. Any thoughts on this?

You helped find a compromise with the Wright Amendment. Starting next year the city will benefit from lower airfares and easier access to travel. We didn’t get that People Mover to Love Field but instead got a trolley line into Oak Cliff (your former district). Of course I wish there was a way to fund both projects but you understand how these compromises happen. What do you think about the Oak Cliff trolley line? A worthwhile endeavor?

Last but not least, you pushed for progress on the Trinity River Project. I like being outside. I enjoy green spaces, bike paths, and urban lakes. These are some of the things I loved most about living Austin. But man what’s the hold up here? The Dawson State Jail which is already closed? The completely unnecessary tollway? The Army Core of Engineers saying there’s a sudden problem? I’m looking forward to (any) progress with this project and hopefully I can enjoy the amenities of a renewed Trinity River while I’m still able bodied. In the meantime, we’ll have some pretty bridges to look at.

Sorry, I know these issues are in your rear view mirror by now. You’ve moved onto the energy sector and are shaking things up there too. Honestly, I’m a little skeptical about “Clean Coal” (it sounds about as clean as natural gas…) but it’s better than the power plants that TXU wanted to build. Way to give em’ hell.

Thanks for your time. Hope to hear back.


PS: I have to mention Cowboys Stadium at least once. I would have loved to see it at Fair Park but again, with perspective,  it looks like it was never a feasible option. I’ll take new Dart lines over a stadium any day (too bad we can’t get Arlington on-board with some rail). And considering how damn embarrassing the team is these days, I don’t mind as much.

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