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Dear Jordan Rogers,

A good dose of boredom with some Twitter digging lead me to your Tumblr and Instagram feed. Here is how things progressed: > Hance Taplin > > you. I guess that’s not too many degrees of separation to reach your very cool photographs. Now I’m one of your 26,000+ Instagram followers (a very legit amount of followers I may add). I made it all the way to your pics from the Czech Republic. I studied in Prague for a semester and that has to be the most photogenic city in the world. I also went to Kutna Hora (the bone-church). Pretty wild stuff huh?

After a little more research and I found this gem…

That is you right? I know I’m about 3 years late on these shirts but I NEED one. Are they still around?

Well take care. Keep the great pics coming. Go Mavs.


Thanks for the kind words! I feel quite honored to be amongst the other people you’ve chosen. It feels more like: “Which of these does not belong?”

Glad you enjoy my photography. Wish I could updated the site more often. Instagram fits that bill more often bc it’s easier to update & capture on the go. I was fortunate enough to make it on Instagram’s “Suggested User”s list where they recommend certain users to new people signing up for their service. Since 100,00 new people sign up per day, my following grew by about 1500 people a day for two weeks. It was wild.

You found a gem from my Dirk shirt wild ride on our way to winning the championship. It’s a long story, but I had a little bit of luck combined with the Mavs victories. It made for a really fun summer. Long live Dirk! Send me your address & I’ll get you one in the mail.
Thanks again! Cool idea you’ve got going. Keep it up.


P.S. I totally agree…the suburbs are the worst. I have suburbaphobia. Just the thought of having to move there sends shivers down my spine!

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