My man 50 grand.

Our President Barack Obama will give his annual State of the Union address tonight. I hope he reads my letter before the speech. GO BIG OR GO HOME. 

Dear Mr. President

Tonight I will be listening to your 6th State of the Union address. I make a habit of listening to it on the radio rather that watching it on TV. Depending on which network you watch, the camera work has a significant effect on the viewing experience. I just want the words, the speech, the tone and inflection in your voice, not quick camera cuts to Ted Cruz muttering under his breath.

Here is what I hope you address in your speech tonight and the upcoming year.

We have left Iraq and are in the process of pulling out of Afghanistan, but we have not seen any financial difference on our war spending. I know the war machine is big and mean (just ask JFK), but everyone agrees that spending needs to be curtailed. Lets start here.

In 2012 you issued a presidential decree to no longer deport young undocumented immigrants. This is a step in the right direction, no doubt, but there is much more to be done on the immigration front. Full citizenship is a tough sell but how about work visas that let them contribute to the tax base and the economy? Because we continue to ignore the dire situation across the border, these people have no choice but to take a chance in America. Congress is somewhat amiable to a discussion on this issue because they want to appeal to hispanic voters too (all of a sudden).

The infrastructure of our country, specifically the power grid, is of Third World standards. Bridges are reaching their expiration dates with few plans to fix them, replace them, or find a better option. This is the most unsexy issue in Washington and does not incite passions from anyone other than the fiscal conservatives. These projects would put people to work, save TONS of electricity and be a real step toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Good luck tonight.

PS: If you ever want to shoot some hoops and chat just holler.

If you want to email the president,you can do so here.















Thank you for writing.  On January 28, I laid out my vision for the year ahead in my State of the Union address—and a set of concrete, practical proposals to create opportunity for all.

It is because of hardworking Americans across this country that we are poised for more progress.  Thanks to your grit and determined effort, our unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 5 years.  Our housing market is rebounding.  Our manufacturing sector is adding jobs.  We produce more oil at home than we buy abroad.  Our deficits are cut by more than half.  And business leaders around the world have declared that China is no longer the world’s number one place to invest; America is.

Millions of Americans outside of Washington—people who are tired of stale political arguments—are moving this country forward.  And I will do everything I can to help.  During my State of the Union address, I shared my ideas for expanding opportunity for all—things like raising the minimum wage, helping folks save for retirement, and making sure everyone can get a good education that leads to a good job.  You can see those ideas and learn more about them at www.WhiteHouse.gov/SOTU.

Some of what I proposed requires Congress to act, and I am eager to work with them and make progress together.  But I will also take steps on my own to expand opportunity for more American families wherever I can—because America does not stand still, and neither will I.

The bottom line is we can make this a year of action.  We can restore the sense of opportunity that defines us as Americans.  It will not be easy, but if we work together, we can do it.  So let’s get started right away.


Barack Obama

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