Dear Mark Cuban,

To preface:

I’m a certified, card carrying MFFL. Thank you for the only sports championship I can remember or have ever really cared about. I have a short story to recount with you.

I was in 7th grade at Lakehill Prep in east Dallas. As they do every year, the folks from UNICEF came to our school to discuss the impact of our donations. This many cents buys vitamins for a week, that many dollars feeds a person for a month, and so on. But this year was different. Aside from the altruistic benefits of giving, there was a prize for the school who raised the most money: THE Dallas Mavericks will come to your school!

Well that certainly got my attention. We fund raised and scrapped and begged for weeks. Then one day we had an assembly and some news camera showed up. The rumors started flying. Is this it?! How many Mavericks are here?! All of them? IS DIRK HERE?!!!?

We were informed we had indeed raised the most money in our division and GUESS WHAT KIDS! Coach Donnie Nelson Jr. and Willie Hernandez from the wheel chair Mavericks are here!


Donnie Nelson proceed to give this weird speech about defending against terrorism (this was shortly after Sept. 11). Then Willie, who we (I’m not so proud to admit) started calling “Wheelie”,  told us about his rise to the highest levels of wheel chair basketball. And that was it. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I would have been satisfied with one Maverick, even if it was just Tariq Abdul Wahad.  I couldn’t stay too mad at the Mavs so UNICEF took the brunt of the blame. I swore to never give another cent to UNICEF and wrote you an email about it.

Cool story huh?

Well GO MAVS, I’ll catch you at the game tomorrow.

Sincerely, Hayden

PS: Have any plans to get fined by the new NBA Commissioner yet?

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