Farewell David Stern


Photo taken on location in Seattle, WA

After 30 years, today is David Stern’s last day as Commissioner of the NBA. I bid him farewell.

Dear David Stern,

I think even Mark Cuban can agree, the legacy you are leaving behind after 30 years as NBA Commissioner is tremendous. I would list your many accomplishments but it has already been done so well here and here.

Everyone doesn’t love you though; Honestly, I would have liked to see you step down about 5 years ago. I have some friends in Seattle who aren’t too fond of you, Mr. Stern. I understand you have to let teams go where the money takes them but the Seattle SuperSonics were a classic franchise. Some of your decrees have felt a little… out of touch. Most recently, your outrage towards the San Antonio Spurs was uncalled for and frankly out of your jurisdiction. You can’t argue with their results and that’s coming from a Mavericks fan.

But let’s not dwell on the past. We made it through the post-Jordan street-ball era and the future is bright for the NBA and the sport as a whole. I’d love to see the D-League continue to grow in scope. Maybe bring one to San Diego? I’m also excited about the growing interest in basketball internationally. In your words, basketball is one of America’s finest cultural exports. Sport is one of the best forms of diplomacy, just ask Dennis Rodman.

Thank you for your dedication to the NBA and the sport of basketball.


PS: Way to keep the Commissioner position within the tribe 😉

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