10 Years. 10 Artists. 10 Sites

Jeremy Strick is Director at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, the Nasher commissioned 10 public art installations throughout the city.

Hello Mr. Strick,

I hope this letter finds you well as the Xchange wraps up this month. Today I spent the afternoon with my mom tracking down all 10 installations throughout the city. From UTD to Paul Quinn College,  the beautifully designed app to lead us from piece to  piece. As we would approach the next installation a satisfying alert would tell us we were getting close. Then it would appear, as unique and meaningful as the last. I have to say my favorite piece was Fountainhead at NorthPark Mall. The constant flow of dollar bills streaming from nowhere to nowhere while in direct juxtaposition with the most expensive retail stores is just awesome. I have to wonder how many people even notice the piece as they walk into Louis Vuitton and LaCoste. The icing on the cake is the interactive donation component. I gave a buck, totally worth it.

How did the Xchange come to be? Did each artist just roam the city and find somewhere that inspired them? For instance, Buried House (which just so happens to be on Calder Street) in  Oak Cliff. Not much to see there, but I think the journey to the site and the neighborhood itself was the artist’s focus. Especially having been at NorthPark only hours before, the locale is a strong message in and of itself.

While at University of Texas I took a class called Digital Media Design. One of our projects was to use digital technology to engage museum patrons. Xchange does this so incredibly well, from the social component encouraging users to upload their photos at the installations to the in depth information about each piece. One thing Dallas really got right was the Arts District and in my opinion the Nasher is the keystone piece. It is unmatched in its dedication to make fine art accessible to the public, just as Ray Nasher intended.

Thank you for this exhibit. I’m looking forward to the final “infomercial”.


PS: I think I have a solution to the Museum Tower standoff. BIG spotlights, pointed directly into the apartments. Their reflective windows disrupt our viewing experience during the day, our spotlights disrupt the residents sleep at night. Fair trade.

My favorite piece at the Nasher, Tending (Blue) by James Turrell, which was ruined by Museum Tower.

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