Ian Hogarth is the founder of one of my favorite apps, Songkick 

Hi Ian,

I used to live in Austin Texas, the self-proclaimed Live Music Capital of the World. I would guess you have attended the madness that is South-by-Southwest being (a) in the start-up tech industry and (b) having an obvious passion for live music. Songkick does a pretty darn respectable job organizing the seemingly endless amount of shows during those 10 magical days.

I almost miss culling through each venue’s calendar for bands I liked. I feel like it exposed me to more bands because I would look into a name that caught my eye, but believe me, I’m not complaining about the time saved. I’ve been on-board with Songkick for about 3 years now and it is an indispensable part of my music consumption.

Due to Spotify and Waffles, I might make 5 music purchases a year at this point, aside from used vinyl. I like to say I support artists I like by making a concerted effort to attend their live shows (until they reach stadium-status that is). Your app helps me give them their due.

Thank you


PS: It would be sweet if there was a function in the app to request a band come to your city. Get X amount of people to say they would go and the band will play there on their next tour.


Hey Hayden,

What a lovely idea! I shared your email with our team who felt similarly touched.
Thanks for spreading the word about Songkick, it’s always so rewarding to hear that we’ve helped people find a few more shows to go to.
The idea you suggested is actually something we’ve experimented with – there’s a write up here: – hopefully more people will embrace the idea over time!
Thanks again for writing to us.
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