Community Beer Company

Dear Kevin Carr & Jamie Fulton,

When I lived in San Diego, my favorite local brewery was Stone. When I lived in Prague my favorite brewery was Staropramen. When I lived in Austin my favorite local brewery was Austin Beer Works. Now that I live in Dallas, my favorite local brewery is…you guessed it… Community Beer Company!

This is not a decision I made without much deliberation and “experimentation”. It came down to Lakewood and you guys. I’ve always identified with East Dallas and I like Lakewood’s branding, but it was your Mosaic IPA that tipped the scale in your favor. Basically every craft brewery makes an IPA these days but so many miss the mark. I believe it’s one of the toughest styles to do well and is so much more that loading up on hops and IBU. With its citrus notes and clean finish, Mosaic takes me right back to the West Coast.

I love seeing so many local breweries opening up in Dallas (and seemingly every city), but I have to wonder if the craft “bubble” will burst eventually. Will the market become oversaturated with craft offerings? Is it already? I believe quality and consistency will rule out in the end.

I haven’t made it to the brewery yet but it’s high on my list of weekend activities. Looking forward to it and keep up the good work.

Thanks – Hayden

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