Hi Courtney,

You don’t know me. I don’t know you. I interned with Do512 for a quick minute early last year and must have just missed you. Unfortunately, I left Do512 to take a job that paid money which I quickly realized I despised and ultimately quit. Moral of that story? Don’t leave somewhere really cool doing something you really enjoy before it has a chance to play out. Now I live in Dallas (please don’t stop reading because of this) and I still follow Do512’s happenings around Austin to tease myself. And that’s basically how I came to write you this letter today.

In sum, you seem cool. It’s a shame we never met though I imagine we’ve probably crossed paths at some point. Keep holding down the Do512Blog and writing about cool things in the coolest city. As for me, I’ll keep writing a letter-a-day and finally move on from what could have been.

Take care.

PS: In an attempt to recreate what I left behind in Austin, I’ve been working with a culture/music/nightlife focused site here called CentralTrack.com. Check it out. If you’re ever up this way, allow me to prove that Dallas ain’t so bad (Ashley Gregg will vouch for me).


Hey Hayden,
Well this was awfully sweet. I am also surprised we never knowingly crossed paths. Lawrence took me on as an editorial intern at the end of December 2012, but I didn’t actually start coming into the office until January.
Now, as Content Manager, I actually do not get to write for the blog as much anymore, which is the biggest bummer of this gig. But, still can’t really complain at all. I feel extremely lucky and 100 percent agree with you on loving what you do first and I definitely do.
I checked out CentralTrack and it looks pretty awesome! It shows I have almost 20 Facebook friends following it, so that’s cool. I actually grew up in North Texas so I know a little bit about those parts, but can always use more convincing.
Thanks for the note!
Courtney Goforth
Content Manager at Do512.com | Music Blogger
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