First Food Trucks and Now This

Luke Saunders made a salad vending machine and actually it looks awesome.

Dear Luke Saunders,

The words vending machine and salad just don’t sound right together. They’re in the same category as gas-station and restroom, or all-natural fruit flavors. Sometimes these mental associations are hard to look past because usually, our assumptions (or fears) are correct.

But the medium does not always define the message. In this case a vending machine, or “kiosk” as you wisely call it, actually dispenses healthy, sustainable, affordable, and apparently delicious salads. With Farmer’s Fridge, you rethought the vending machine and I think you may have found the next hip way to serve food. Just as food trucks aka “roach coaches” were once only suitable for day-laborers, now vending machines will move beyond stale potato chips and serve food people actually want to eat. I can see it now. People will be waiting and lining up for their favorite food kiosks, hoping they don’t sell out before it’s their turn. Another niche of worthless food blogs will arise to chronicle the growing variety of kiosks. Most of them will be way overrated. Then celebrity chefs will be charging $22.5 for a foie gras breakfast burritos on the go. And finally it will become as hackneyed as food trucks did a year ago.

Until then, I’m onboard. I know you are only in Chicago for now, but Dallas would totally eat this up (literally).

Shine on you crazy diamond.




This is awesome!  I absolutely loved this letter, and it really made my day.  I’m dying for the day when people line up at our kiosks!
We’ll keep Dallas in mind for the future.  If I’m ever in the area, I’ll bring you a salad.
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