Celebrating Our Differences

Real Talk from Dale Hansen.

Dear Dale Hansen,

Here in North Texas, we don’t have any mountains to ski or beaches surf. Nor do we have forests to hike through or rivers to float down. When it comes to outdoor distractions, it boils down to a few lakes (which might not be around much longer) and sports. And when I say sports I really mean football..

Oh the sanctity of football is unmatched in these parts. In all the best and worst ways, the football culture can feel like an episode of Friday Night Lights at times. But even this over-dramatized high school drama wouldn’t dare broach the subject of a gay football player.

With more than enough sports talk in this town I hadn’t heard one major sports personality take a real stance on Michael Sam’s announcement. They’ll maybe discuss his draft stock or make blanket judgements about football locker rooms and go no further.

Your frank and progressive stance has set the tone for this conversation and will make a real difference in public opinion moving forward. I was shared your monologue via a friend in San Diego so it is definitely making an impact beyond the Metroplex as well. You’re a straight-shooter Dale (no pun intended) and people can respect that no matter your opinion on a sensitive subject.

I personally think it was awesome. Thanks for taking a stand.


Thank you very much


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