Rap Game ______________ .

Dear Horst Christian Simco AKA RiFF RaFF AKA the rap game Johnny Quest,

I could keep going but that would just be excessive. Or maybe I should, you seem to thrive on excess Mr. RaFF (?). You’ve basically made your name on it along with style like Lionel and flow like that time of the month.

Forrealdough, I think you give the rap game a health dose of perspective. All these dudes are trying to so hard to be hard. You manage to roll every rap stereotype into one heavily tattooed, icey fresh sensation and the music is good. Bird on a Wire is my jam but I’ve been waiting on Neon Icon for a thick minute now! Drop it mane, the world is ready. Or don’t and just leak it song by song and not make any money. No one buys music anymore anyways.


PS: Come back through the Triple D again soon, I missed the show in November.

PPS: I abide by your rule on socks. Put them shits on correct and have a good day.

PPPS: Rap game James Franco, Rap Game Bill Cosby, Rap Game Chuck Norris.

PPPPS: *Excessive PS’

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