Everyday’s the 14th

Hallmark CEO Donald J. Hall Jr. 

Dear Mr Hall,

Happy Valentine’s day! It’s a day that you either love or hate, depending on your situation. Does the Hallmark Corporation do anything special to celebrate? Do you require all employees to give each other a Valentine like in Elementary School? Remember, if you’re going to give out candy, there has to be enough for everyone…

Today must be bigger than Christmas in your world, second to only Mother’s Day perhaps (plenty of people have a significant other, but everyone has or had a mom). So  I’m sure you’ve heard the vicious rumor that Hallmark made Valentine’s Day a national holiday to sell cards and teddy bears during a slow time of the year.

Care to comment on that? If it is true, it might be the most well executed business strategy of all time. Because if you don’t get that special someone a gift for Valentines Day (at least a card!) then you must not really love them. Way to monetize love.

 Well enjoy your day! Don’t eat too many candy hearts…

PS: Here’s a song to mark the occasion!

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