Swish 41

Dear Dirk,

Ole buddy ole pal. I truly feel like we’re friends (or could be) but I know it’s just a classic parasocial relationship. You really do come off as the most genuine dude in the league, a mench as my grandfather would say.

Do you understand the influence you’ve had on every tall, lanky white basketball player in the Metroplex if not the world? Because of you, we can shoot turn around fade-aways and not immediately get benched (as long as a few go in). I used to get tagged with the name Shawn Bradley when playing street ball, even though I’m only 6 foot 3, because he was the most recognizable white player in the NBA. I mean he was in Space Jam…. But now I get deemed as “Dirk” and it makes me proud.

Tonight you suit up for your 12th All-Star game and will be the oldest player on the court. This one should be dedicated to all the haters who said you were finished after last season. You may be in the twilight of your career, but it’s been a helluva sunset so far.

Tear it up tonight and good luck the rest of the season.

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