Hey Mr. Carter

Dear President Jimmy Carter,

Happy President’s Day! Who is your favorite dead President? I have to say I’m partial to Martin Van Buren. He was a rather listless president but apparently the guy could put away the hooch. I respect that above many things. Another interesting factoid, he is the first President to be born a US Citizen but English was not his first language.

I don’t have a particularly strong opinion about your presidency Mr. Carter, but my parents speak fondly of your 4 years. I do know you had solar panels installed on top of the White House which is awesome. Then Reagan promptly had them removed. Hey, it was a nice symbolic gesture at least.  It’s a shame that solar is still less than 1% of our energy mix to this day but they can’t say you didn’t try.

By the way, Lil Wayne has a question for you. He wants to know where you’ve been (I think).

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