Paul DeLong is the Director of Marketing for Car2Go North America. 

Release the hounds.

Hi Paul,

Oh how I miss Car2go. It became an essential part of going out in Austin (especially when it was too cold to ride my bike). I’ve used car2go in 4 cities and counting (Austin, San Diego, Seattle, Portland). Now I need you to please launch a fleet in Dallas ASAP. 

Dallas may be known for sprawl and a general apathy towards progressive ideas, but I believe we would put Car2Go to good use. The city’s population is growing steadily more dense in the Uptown and Downtown areas yet there are few alternative forms of transportation between the two. Bike lanes are literally non-existent and our light-rail system, though substantial, is designed for travel between urban to suburban areas. I know at least a dozen people who drive the 1.5 miles between home in Uptown and work Downtown everyday. That’s just silly… and a great opportunity for Car2Go.

Both Uber and Lyft have been very successful here and they’re under the “car-sharing” umbrella. If there is any other city in Texas that deserves a Car2Go fleet, it has to be Dallas. What does Car2Go look for in a city? Any new markets on the horizon?

Thanks for you time.

PS: Here’s my figurative Car2Go Operating Area.

Dallas Car2Go Operating Area

Dallas Car2Go Operating Area


RESPONSE from Paul DeLong:

Hayden –

Thanks for this letter, and what a great thing “1 letter a day”.  Your passion is there, and love your style of writing. Pretty Cool.

Dallas is very interesting, I lived there for 5 years….well sort of (Rockwall) but spent many Saturday’s going to Campisis’s  on Elm with my wife.

Density and the vibrancy of a the Downtown Core are some of critical pieces that are looked at.

I have cc’d Josh on this email, he is our Business Development Manager and a good guy.



Response from Josh Moskowitz:

Hayden –

Thanks for the shout; love it when we hear from members who used our service in a city, or several, have moved and need their car2go fix. Kudos to you in going ever further and coming up with a Home Area; I just did some quick research using it and like Paul mentioned, one of the key indicators that we look for is high-levels of population density and a thriving core.

For comparison’s sake, MPLS is our smallest city that we operate in, with 350,000 residents and 7,500 residents/sq.mile. For your proposed Home Area, there are 150,000 residents in 28 square miles, so 5,196 residents/sq. miles. In order for this to work we would need at least 6,000 residents/sq. mile; we also couldn’t go below 28 square miles.

Finally, not sure if you have city contacts, but we would need to talk with them so that Dallas members could receive the same parking benefits our other members do (free parking!).

Thanks again for reaching out. Let me know what you think about all this.


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