Waddaya Know?

Dear Vice President Joe Biden,

Hello Joe, waddaya know?

Have you been watching the new season of House of Cards? I almost hope that you haven’t. I don’t want you getting any ideas from Frank Underwood about our buddy Barack. I can see Dick Cheney being that conniving, but not you. You’ve probably been too busy with all the unrest in the Ukraine to watch all 10.5 hours of Season 2 in 5 days like I did. Plus I’d imagine you’re pretty comfy as the VP.

So I have to know. What struck you so funny at the State of the Union this year? That face you made was my biggest takeaway from the evening (seriously, it’s burned into my mind) since the speech was pretty forgettable.

Well Joe, thanks for not being Dick Cheney. That guy was the WORST.

Take care.

PS: Here’s a song for you!

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