Power tools and ladies stockings

Sear’s Kit Home instruction manual

CEO of Sears Holding Company

Dear Edward Lampert,

Sears used to sell kit homes for people to build. You provided the American Dream for anyone who could follow 75 pages of instructions. To qualify for a Sears Mortgage Plan you only had to answer two questions:

Do you own the lot on which you intend to build?

Do you have a vocation?

It was a simpler time no doubt. Nowadays, Sears makes a half-hearted effort to sell everything that goes in a house. Have you been in a Sears lately Mr. Lampert? I know you are the CEO but it seems like a legitimate question. The brand has completely lost it’s identity. By trying to sell everything, you end up selling nothing. I just have my doubts that many people are buying power tools and ladies stockings in the same shopping cart…

I recently wrote a letter to some folks who built a house with plans from the open-source project WikiHouse. The project is being compared to a modern day Sear’s kit home. Maybe it’s time to get back in the home kit business. It would at least be newsworthy.

Good luck!

PS: According to your Wikipedia page you got kidnapped once but convinced your captors to let you go?! I guess you made a really compelling argument.

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