Founder and CEO of Tinder

Dear Sean Rad,

How much can you tell about a person in a glance? According to Malcolm Gladwell, quite a bit in fact. Evolution has trained humans to infer tremendous amount of information in fractions of a second. Basic intuition is no accident and I’m definitely someone who “trusts their gut.”

So how much can you gather about a person from a selfie on a 3×4 inch screen in 1 second (probably less)? As Tinder has proven, apparently just enough. I legitimately think that Tinder is conducting the greatest social experiment of our generation, if unconsciously. There is something to be said about a gut reaction combined with a double-blind scenario. The data must be staggering, but somewhere in the numbers lays is the story of our generation’s 140 character mindset.

I’m a digital native through-and-through but have yet to venture into Tinder territory (or online dating, which Tinder certainly is not). I’ll gladly sleep on someone’s couch in Poland who I meet via the internet but have hesitations about chatting with and possibly meeting someone who think’s I’m attractive at a glance. I can’t quite explain it, maybe I’m just old fashion that way.

Take care Mr. Rad.

PS: Rad last name brah.

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