‘Merica’s Most Patriot Band

Dear Madison Rising,

I did not watch the Daytona 500 on Sunday. I rank Nascar just below figure skating (not during the Olympics) on my hierarchy of “sports” to watch. However, I did to catch your spirited performance of the Star Spangled Banner, and that alone might be enough reason for  me to tune in occasionally.

Our nation was built on freedom of expression. People are calling your rendition of the national anthem a disgrace and a slap in the face to all veteran’s. I’ll call it a new twist on a old classic. Hey, Jimi Hendrix did it. He got crucified for it too. Certain classics are just untouchable.  Ketchup for example: it’s supposed to taste one way or…well then it’s not ketchup.

I personally thought it was massively amusing if nothing else, especially when the bass player starts banging on the strings with both hands. Heck, I might even come see ya’ll play in Dallas on March 7th, but only if i can shoot a semi-automatic shotgun in the air while you play Right To Bear.

Take Care.


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