When I’m Mayor…

Will Wright designed and developed the original SimCity games for Maxis. Now he runs the think-tank StupidFunClub

Dear Will Wright,

Kid’s these days. Ok, I’m only 25 but I feel like I can say it. With their “Call of Duty” and “Need for Speed” video games. I always loved city-building games like as SimCity and Caesar. SimCity is far from flashy. The whole format is governed by simple cost/benefit, supply/demand relationships. Heck, there isn’t even a defined end to the game and maybe that’s why SimCity has held my interest for a solid 15 years.

Every city ever built in SimCity is unique and ultimately an outward expression of the builder. My mayoral folly is to build too many baseball stadiums and over-funded the parks & rec department. I have a habit of taxing the wealthy businesses too heavily, another reflection of my morals. Ultimately it’s your city to make flourish or turn to into chaos, both of which are totally fun.

My interest in city planning and urbanization stems from the many hours playing SimCity. At the end of the day, there is something empowering about designing a “city” that enables people to thrive. I just wish more mayor’s had played Sim-City growing up.

Thanks Mr Wright.

P.S. I was excited to hear a new version was coming out last year, but avoided it after the miserable reviews. Apparently you agreed.

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