The BeanCast

Dear Bob Knorpp,

Long time listener, first time e-mailer.

I caught onto the BeanCast as an advertising graduate student University of Texas in Austin. One of my favorite professors had us listen to the show and discuss certain segments in class (his name is Mike Mackert and I think he’d be great on the show…). Now I tune in most every week for my dose of tech/advertising/media news and have found the info truly invaluable.

When I was interviewing with different agencies for my first real job out of school, I found myself continually referencing things I’d heard on the BeanCast. I had an informed opinion on the most current trends in the industry and actually sounded like I knew something.

Now I work for a “local store marketing” agency, a niche that didn’t mean anything to me before I took this job. Basically we execute any store-by-store promotional tactics that creative agencies are too expensive for and brands are too busy to organize. A decent place to start my career, but my goal is become an account planner. There don’t seem to be many early-career level jobs in these roles though. Any tips on working my way into planner position?

I know listening to the BeanCast is a good place to start!

Thanks Bob.

PS: I’ve used SquareSpace to build multiple website for people and they think I’m some web design pro. Cred to the BeanCast again.


Thanks for the kind words and it makes me so happy to know the show has this much impact.

As for career trajectory, I was once told if you don’t have a wall completely covered with rejections, you aren’t doing it right. If you want to be a planner, pick the agencies you want to work for and start networking through the place identifying holes and needs along the way. then try to fill those needs. The cattle call that is the “job posting” is a race of inches. the only way to stand out and beat the odds is to be considered before the posting is made.
Good luck!
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