To your health!

Dear President Bill Powers,

I would like to raise a glass and make a toast to you on this historical day. Starting on a trial basis, beer and wine will be available at UT Athletic events. Thanks to your support and tireless effort, our loyal fan’s experience will be enhanced in a way that only alcohol can achieve. That is unless someone abuses this new opportunity and screws it up for everyone. I’m hoping that at $8 per drink, most people that would make this mistake just can’t afford to do so.

Now I won’t have to binge (as hard) before football games, assuming the trial goes well. And don’t be surprised when this new measure has a positive impact in the win/loss column as well. I hypothesize  that by collectively raising the BAC of the entire crowd, we’ll be louder than ever, thus resulting in a better home record. I would like to see a critical peer-reviewed study done if possible.

It’s the dawn of a new era Mr. Powers. Cheers!


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