Ken Burn’s Effect

Dear Ken Burns,

I watch a lot of Netflix since I won’t pay for cable. I’m a bit of a history nerd so it’s awesome that all your PBS documentaries are available for easy access. I’m slowly working through all of them but first I put some thought into what order to watch them. Here’s what I came up with:

1. The West- A broad overview of our country and it’s expansion. As you say, the story of the American West is really the central narative of our national identity. (Finished)

2. The Civil War- This one’s going to be a downer…

3. The National Parks

3. Jazz- America’s basis for modern artistic cultural understanding.

4. The Dust Bowl

5. Prohibition

5. Baseball

6. The War- The apex of our country in terms of ideology and global stature.

It’s sort of chronological. Do you have any suggestions on how to watch them? Also, I’ve been thinking about doing a study on the parallel history of Hip-Hop and Jazz. Both seems to progress in the same way, from obscure roots with island influences to mainstream white America. Maybe the story of hip-hop isn’t quite old enough yet, but things do happen a lot faster these days.

Just a thought.

Looking forward to The Address this April. Hope to hear back.


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