A Win’s a Win

Dear Wendy Davis,

Congrats on the Democratic nomination! Its a good first step, but you obviously know that the real challenge lays ahead. It’s kind of like in the NCAA tournament when the 1st seed plays the 16th seed: it’s pretty much a given but hey, a wins a win.

In the first Gubernatorial  race I was of age for, I voted for Chris Bell (though I was tempted to vote for Kinky Friedman).  It was a throw-away vote either way. But this time around my vote might actually matter. Greg Abbott doesn’t have great name recognition in the state, especially considering he’s been in the Attorney General all this time. It’s probably safe to assume he wants to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act and waste billions on “securing the border”. Standard party line and more than enough to turn me off.

I honestly don’t know a whole lot about your campaign platform yet. Your website has the usual “focus on education” “build a strong Texas economy” stuff. Yes yes, fine and good. What we all already know is you’ll stand up (literally) for a woman’s right to choose (up to 20 weeks at least). That’s a pretty sticky issue to be associated with, no matter which side of the fence you stand. In my experience, it one that seems to cut across standard liberal/conservative boundaries because it’s such a personal moral issue. Regardless, it was a great launching pad.

Well good luck!

Let’s turn Texas purple!

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