Natural Child

Hey dudes,

I definitely have a big soft spot for bands that recall something from my dad’s generation. We all internalize our parent’s music at some level and I grew up with a health dose of Willie Nelson, Neil Young and JJ Cale. I might assume ya’ll did as well.

When I lived in San Diego, I went to see The Strange Boys and ya’ll were the opening act. Ya’ll stole the show and I’ve kept track since. Although the performance was killer, your albums were a bit rough for me at the time. But as we both matured, our tastes slowly moved towards each other. As Hard in Heaven came out, I was getting into  heavier bands like JEFF the Brotherhood but also more country stuff like Jerry Jeff Walker. It became an instant classic in my book and one of my most played albums of 2013.

Dancin’ with Wolves takes another step deeper into Nashville with the country vibes, again, at a time when I have learned to appreciate classic honky-tonk music a la George Jones. Really dig the full band sound and heavier employment of piano and slide. All kinds of goodness there.

See ya’ll at the show in Dallas this May at City Tavern.


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