CaptureClive Sirkin is the CMO of Kimberly-Clark, the corporation that owns Cotttonelle. 

Dear Clive Sirkin,

Let’s talk bums for a quick minute. That’s the hashtag Cottonelle is pushing at SXSW so here we go. While I waited in line for free vodka on one side of the street, the homeless population waited for shelter and a warm meal on the other. An oddly symbolic microcosm of the disparities all around us. Oh wait, you are referring to other type of bums.

I was somewhat surprised to see Cottonelle had a presence SXSW. With a little research, I see that Cottonelle is making a push to engage customers digitally. Toilet tissue is in a very different category than the omnipresent tech focused brands during Interactive, but I guess we all have bums to wipe. Such low involvement products are tough to differentiate which is why CPG brands traditionally shy away from these types of advertising tactics. I’ll give you some props for trying something different at least.

Do you think the investment will pay off? I’m skeptical that a free water water and cellphone charges will change what brand of toilet paper I buy. Heck, I don’t even know what brand I buy.

Hope you made it to Austin for some SX fun. I did.

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