Charles Michael Yim is founder and CEO of BreathoMeter, a Smartphone enabled Breathalyzer.

Hi Charles,

I had the chance to try the Breathometer this weekend at SXSW. An absolutely awesome gizmo, and one that everyone in their 20’s should own. I blew a respectable .06 (considering it was 2:00pm). With all the free drinks flying around, I assume the folks at the booth saw some impressive BAC’s. I would love to create a graph of my personal BAC of each hour from when I wake up till I pass out during the festival. I would then pair that info with which party/concert I was at, building a definitive guide to  which events get the most wild. Based on past SX experience my guess is that the Spotify House would be the clear winner.

I was thinking about some features you could add that might be helpful:

  1. A reading of .30 or higher automatically calls an ambulance to your location.
  2. Integration with Uber and/or Lyft. I know it can call a taxi already but no one does that anymore.
  3. A recorded history of each blow so you can look back and be like, “Man I got CRAZY on February 14th. What did I do that night again? Oh yeah, I was just drinking alone on Valentine’s Day…”

Tell Cubes I said what’s up. Also, ask him why he hasn’t responded to my letter!

Thanks Charles, enjoy SXSW.

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