Arch towards the sky

Dear Santiago Calatrava,

Dallas is in the process of “bridging” the gap between the Northern and Southern sectors of our city. I put bridge in quotation marks because not only are we literally building new bridges across the Trinity River, we are looking to bring the communities together socially and economically. In Dallas terms that means spending $250+ million on two architecturally complex and really cool looking bridges.

Thats where you come in. Your architecture often uses sharp lines and high arching beams to lead the viewer’s eye from the structure to the sky. They give off a hopeful and optimistic feeling. Though the structures are minimal in the sense that they use clean white lines, they are visually complex and dynamic, changing from every angle.

Another thing that is dynamic with your structures are the price tags. Margret Hill Hunt bridge here in Dallas, which is completely awesome by the way, went about $100 million over budget. Dude. $100 million? That’s a rather significant oversight. It’s ironic how the city is already planning to be way over budget on the second bridge. Where is the disconnect here?

In your defense, I’m not one of those people who gripes about the exorbitant costs of the projects and how the money could be dumped into the schools or something. DISD’s problem is much deeper than money. Maybe overestimate the price on your next big public project and make people happy.


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