Breakfast Taco Connoisseurs

Dear Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece,

With South-by-Southwest over, it’s time for Austin to recharge and defeat the 9-day cumulative hangover. When it comes to hang-over cures and comfort food, you both know that nothing compares to some breakfast tacos on fresh tortillas. Ya’ll understand this fact so deeply that you wrote an entire book about it! I have the book and often refer to it when I’m feeling nostalgic for my favorite Austin breakfast taco joint (El Chilito, which isn’t in the book btw). I can whip up some mean breakfast tacos myself (for a gringo).

Here’s my basic recipe:

  1. Dice and saute ¼ onion and ½ poblano pepper in butter.
  2. Add whatever meat may be available, often turkey breast or breakfast sausage.
  3. Beat two eggs with a splash of milk and a spoonful of sour-cream (secret ingredient) and add to pan.
  4. When eggs are fully cooked remove from heat and cover with shredded cheddar cheese.
  5. Heat tortillas (southwest style flour) over gas stove. Create your tacos using the cheese for the “glue”.
  6. Serve with salsa verde.
  7. Take on the world.

Standard stuff, but as you say in the book, it’s the love that makes them specials. Dallas is somewhat lacking in the breakfast taco department. The best tacos I’ve found are at Fuel City but they stop serving breakfast tacos at 11:00am. For those of us who need them after a night out, that is way too early to stop serving them.  Any recommendations  for spots in the Metroplex?



Thanks Hayden! This is great. I don’t have any Dallas recs, but maybe Mando does?

Thanks for the letter Hayden. I would look up TacoTrail on Twitter. He’s posting tacos in D-town. 

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