Where in the world is Greg Koch from San Diego?

Dear Greg Koch,

I hope your travel adventure is going well. Considering the circumstance, you are forgiven in advance for not promptly responding to my letter. It’s pretty awesome that you decided to take a solid 4 months off from leading the nation’s 10th largest brewery to go travel and refresh yourself. You destination is undisclosed and mostly unplanned; the best way to travel.  I’m a big believer that everyone should (and sometimes needs) to get away from their little corner of the world. Without it, we get stale and lose perspective.

Now onto beer.

I believe in drinking local. That was especially rewarding when I lived in San Diego. I could drink Stone while drinking local; best of both worlds. Now that I’m a Texan again (well you never really stop being a Texan…) I think twice before picking up a 22oz bottle of Ruination IPA. I’m not complaining about my local options here, I love Shiner and Community, but your beers are truly unmatched. But don’t worry about me, I’m sure I’ll find a working balance. You just keep up the good work.


PS: As you continue your travels remember the wise words of Laozi:

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving”

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