Bag Ban


Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway is fighting to enact a citywide band on single-use plastic bags.

Dear Councilman Caraway,

We are creatures of habit and the idea of change can be intimidating.  When it comes to changing a simple habit like not using plastic bags at the grocery store, people might get a little flustered. How can I get my groceries home without 17 plastic bags, some may ask? What about satisfying my customers, business owners will complain? What right does the government have to tell me what type of bags I can or can’t use, Tea Party Members will decry?

Often times, the best ideas are the most simple. This one seems pretty straightforward to me: plastic bags are a huge source of litter -> restrict business from giving thousands of them away every day -> reduce the amount of litter.

I’ve got a guerrilla social awareness idea. Let’s get all the businesses that support the bag-ban to fly a plastic bag up their flag pole the day the city council will vote. It will at least get people talking.I’m really glad you are pushing for a ban on single-use plastic bags in Dallas. Austin didn’t implode when they enacted a bag ban last year. In fact, early reports are hailing it a success.

I really hope your initiative makes it through the city council gauntlet. Best of luck!

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