Dear Justin Casquejo,

I’m not a big thrill seeker necessarily. I don’t love roller coasters and you won’t find me jumping out of any perfectly good airplanes. That aside, I’ve always had a mischievous streak and get a rush from being where I’m not supposed to be. You tell me I’m not allowed in that seating section / VIP ONLY / backstage area, I’m going to find a way in because you said I can’t. If you act like you belong there, then who’s to say you don’t?

Your adventure to the top of Freedom Tower was a distantly similar endeavor. From what I read, one of the security guards even took you up one of the elevators (now that’s acting like you’re supposed to be there!). Then you snapped a few pictures, earned yourself a few thousand Twitter followers and some serious trespassing charges. When you make a fool of the New York Port Authority’s security on the site of the World Trade Center, they will be looking to make an example of you.  Best of luck with the case and lets hope they don’t pull out the Patriot Act on you. Even though the authorities aren’t happy, the stunt was obviously bad-ass. Props. 

Now that you have a following, the people will expecting you to top this. What’s next? 


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