Innovate or Die

Leandre Johns is the GM for Uber Dallas and is leading the battle against City Hall’s proposed restrictions on Car Sharing. 

Dear Leandre Johns,

It’s deeply embedded in Dallas’ culture to look outwardly cool at all times (and at all costs). You have to look important when you pull up to Concrete Cowboy, that’s priority #1 (followed closely by overpriced shots). So being able to step out of a fresh black car at a somewhat affordable price fits perfectly into the 30 thousand dollar millionaire’s handbook.

If there is an alternative way to get around Dallas without a personal vehicle, I support it. Living a truly car-free lifestyle in Dallas may be a pie-in-the-sky, but thanks to companies like Uber, we’ve taken a step in that direction. Between DART, my bicycle, and Uber/Lyft I can successfully have a night out in Dallas without my car. Since DART leaves the city stranded from 12:00am – 3:00am and I live too far from cool places to bike back, UberX is often my ride home. So I certainly don’t want to see your business model torn to pieces by the city.

This ongoing beef with City Hall seems to be going nowhere which I’m sure you don’t mind. Uber will keep making money while they bicker. Why would the city stifle progress and innovation? (that’s a rhetorical question). The saying goes “Innovate or Die” and I see the black birds starting to circling over Yellow Cab and the like. Any new developments on this stand-off?

Thanks Leandre.

PS: I wonder if DUI numbers have fallen in cities with Uber since you offer a convenient way home. Any numbers on that?




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