North Dallas Snob

“I would personally probably stay more focused on my own district, which does not have the same trash problems as others,” he said, to the amazement of some of his southern sector colleagues. “Why should I care if someone is shopping like at Southwest Center Mall and they want a plastic bag? If people in that community are satisfied with the conditions around that mall, why should I utilize my position in North Dallas to improve those conditions? I should just focus my energies on North Dallas redevelopment projects and not help another improve quality of life in other areas of the city.”- District 11 Representative Lee Kleinman

Dear Councilman Lee Kleinman,

I grew up in North Dallas just inside of your District. I still represent the #Norf-side but have taken up residence in Hamilton Park (District 10) since moving out of my childhood home. Thankfully, you are no longer my city council representative.

Your comments during the Bag-Ban vote were insensitive and embarrassing. North Dallas is already considered to be snobby and self-centered by the rest of the city; tell someone you grew up in Preston Hollow and watch them mentally label you a spoiled brat. I guess they were right all along. Your words officially declare that North Dallas doesn’t care what happens to the rest (majority) of the city. We have clean streets and nice parks in our area so why should I care if thousands of people south of the Trinity live in squalor? Out of sight, out of mind, not our problem right?

At a time when Dallas is making a real effort to bridge North and South, you spout off some narrow minded garbage that reinforces decades of institutionalized neglect. I want to believe that your words aren’t representative of your constituency’s opinions and that people have some desire to build a stronger city as a whole. Now we know that you don’t.

Hopefully I see you at the Kosher Chili Cook-off this weekend so I can tell you this in person.


Here’s the back story:  I have been working to get a code violating concrete crushing plant closed that has been operating illegally next to the Soccer Complex that we opened today. Despite the fact this was paid for with $31 million in City funds, the Council Member has prevented enforcement and told me to stick to my own district.
My sarcastic point being – why should I care if others don’t.
Trust me I care about the entire City and frequently receive criticism for doing so. I should not have been so cryptic in my comments and should not have disparaged other parts of town.
Lee M. Kleinman

Dallas City Council



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