Mr. Cuomo

Dear Rivers Cuomo,

I’ve been a Weezer fan since I hit puberty. The 2005 tour with the Foo Fighters was the first concert I ever bought a ticket for. Actually I bought two tickets because I was told you always take a pretty girl to a concert, so I did.

Fortunately or unfortunately, my letter is not to reminisce about the glory days of Weezer. I want to ask you about the value and experience of a Harvard education. You graduated with an English degree in 2006 after attending on and off since Pinkerton (1996). Legend has it that you just decided to apply while in Boston touring the first album. Had you always wanted to go to Harvard? I felt pretty cool walking about their campus in 8th grade but even then had no illusions of going there.

And now that you’re an official Ivy League Alum, have you put  your degree to use? Do you feel prepared to join the workforce? Run for President or something epic. Or maybe become a teacher (that’s what every English major I know does)! It would be the quiet lifestyle that you desire and you could tour during summer vacation. Mr. Cuomo has a nice ring actually…

Well take care!


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