The Crack House

Dear Sharon Anderson Wright,

The music industry is dead. Publishing is dead. Retail is dead. The internet devours all.

Ok that’s a bit dramatic but the internet has certainly changed a few things. Books are a massive time commitment by today’s Tweet standards and realistically act as decorations for most of their being. I want to start drawing parallels between the demise of record stores and book stores but that would be a totally vapid exercise. You know the story.

As the president of the largest family owned used bookstore chain in the country how do you see HPB making through the digital revolution? That’s the million-dollar question and I couldn’t expect a specific answer.

To me, what makes Half Price Books special is that you don’t really sell books or records or magazines. If I want a specific book, I buy it used on Amazon in 2 minutes. I don’t go to HPB to buy a book or an album. I go there to let curiosity lead me through the store to a new outlook on a topic I didn’t even know I was interested in. Your stores enable serendipity and thought.You don’t sell books. You sell discovery, you sell enlightenment.

I’m proud HPB is a product of Dallas. I’m also proud I share the same initials:

Hayden P Bernstein


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