Indentured Servitude

NCAA President Mark Emmert

Dear Mark Emmert,

Congratulations on another wildly exciting NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, it was full of all the madness we’ve come to love and expect. Now you can cut yourself that  $1.7 million check and call it a year right?

You know the specifics better than anyone but I read that March Madness alone generated more than $1 billion dollars in advertising revenue this year. So lets do a little math.

There are 351 Division I basketball programs and each team has around 15 players on each roster. Let’s assume we pay each player what our government considers a “living wage” of $7.25 per hour or $15,080 per year.

$15,080 per year x 15 players per team x 351 teams = $79,396,200. And because I believe in equal pay for women and you believe in Title 9, lets double that for the women’s basketball players (although their tournament only brings in $17 million).

Thats a Grand Total of $158,792,400 or slightly less than 16% of one event’s revenue. I wasn’t a business major but I think most corporations pay their employees. Please stop trying to convince everyone that these players are “student athletes”. It’s OKAY. WE KNOW.


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