Dear Mayor Steve Spicer,

As a kid, the highlight of each summer was always the annual trip to Galveston. I would get sunburned and eat fried crab claws until I threw up. As I said, highlight of the summer.

Now my parents own a second home in Jamaica Beach and I come down from Dallas to soak up some sunshine and salt air. Even though I’d prefer to have a place in Galveston proper (closer to restaurants, nightlife, etc) I’ve really grown to appreciate our quiet little beach community.

That being said, I think Jamaica Beach needs to incorporate more culture from its namesake into the local community. For starters, we need to celebrate Jamaican Independence Day on August 6th (which also happens to be my dad’s birthday). We can hold a reggae concert on the beach or maybe a drum circle if the budget is tight. I’d also like to see a shrine erected in honor of Bob Marley, possibly at the corner of Buccaneer Dr and San-Luis Pass Rd. It will be lit up in green and yellow and continually play his entire music catalog during daylight hours.

For proper oversight, I motion that Peter Tosh be instated as Minister of Culture and that Jimmy Cliff have a standing seat on the city council with full pardon powers. We are also missing somewhere “I and I” (we) can grow closer to Jah. It will be a peaceful place, away from the town’s 3 policemen, where we can celebrate and share Rastafarian culture  *cough cough*.

Looking forward to building a new culture here in Jamaica Beach. Thank You

PS: How did the fire station burn down? The irony is just off the charts!


One thought on “Jah

  1. jack bernstein says:

    way to go Hayden, one of your best ones

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