Before I die…

Dear Candy Chang,

This letter is about 3 years late. I first heard about your work in the documentary Urbanized. Today was the first day I interacted with your art at the Ogden Museum in New Orleans.

I believe that the best ideas are usually the most simple; a universal idea that everyone can share but still make their own. Your art asks people to think about themselves for a minute which I think we forget to do too often.The answers I saw covered the full spectrum of human desire and since participation on the piece is anonymous people can be completely honest (even with themselves hopefully).

The format is malleable and easily spread, viral even. Here are some similar phrases I’ve thought of:

  • After College I will… (for a campus)
  • I regret that…
  • Someday I will travel to… (This could be an interactive advertisement at an airport or something)
  • I wish I knew how to…

Do you have a single favorite answer from one of the projects?

Thanks and looking forward to future projects.


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